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Masina CNC cu Plasma pt taiat table model Compatta

Masina CNC cu Plasma pt taiat table model Compatta

Masina CNC cu Plasma pt taiat table  model “Compatta”

Carbowin Software:

This software (fully Microsoft Windows compatible) has been conceived by us to allow automatic calculation and development of special shapes for ventilation, air conditioning ,thermal insulation and similar. The chosen shapes are resized  and developed bidimensionally to meet requirements and then automatically disposed on cutting plates to minimize waste. Nesting can also be manually operated.

By an  import drawing module   you can create your own catalogue for whatsoever shape taken from any CAD program on the market equipped with a DXF interface. All cutting paths are stored  on a floppy diskette to be transferred to the machine.


CNC control :

The control board contains CNC control, driver and all “the logic” to run the machine. A Compact Flesh Card connected to the control and positioned on the board allows to read cutting plates programmed by the software and load on the executing memory of CNC. Control is fitted with graphic display (240x64 Pixels) showing the cutting paths in real time.

Power supply: 220 Volts.


Cutting table:

Longitudinal rails are mounted on an outer frame, while sheet metal leans over an inner frame connected to the previous one through the terminal transverse beams

Tubular electrically-welded frame on which a mobile carriage  and transversal carriage for plasma torch are sliding. Two sliding blocks with pre-loaded roll bearings on long axis whilst short axis sliding is on a large section guide with dust-proof bearings. The torch is moved by rack and pinion couple on short axis (Y) and by two rack and pinions couples on long axis (X). The use of low clearance reduction gears guarantee an high grade  precision and repeatability. Maximum speed of controlled axis: 15 m/min, useful working area  3000 x 1500 mm. . Dimensions:  3640 x 2060 mm, height of cutting table 710  mm  from ground floor.

Working torch height is ensured by means of 3 bearing balls leaning on sheet.     Height torch speed is controlled by means of  flow and pressure regulators .

When the torch is positioned over the starting point of the profile to cut it is lowered by an air cylinder. 


 The fume extraction:

Exhaust fumes from the cutting process are extracted from underneath the cutting table by a special hood that always follows the position of the torch connected to 200 mm diameter and 4 m long flexible tube.

The fan and filtration unit are at end user’s charge.


 Plasma unit:

Plasma source by Hypertherm mod Powermax 1250. Cutting capacity under automatic cycle up to 10 mm. Continuously adjustable cutting current  from  25 a 80 Amp. Power rating  12 KVA, power supply 380 Volts three phase.

In order to  extend  life of electrodes and nozzles, a compressed air drier to be positioned between the compressor and the plasma source is also supplied. Air drier power supply is 220 Volts single phase.


 Personal computer, Windows, CAD and filtration unit are not included under the supply. (Quotation on request)


  • P.U.T.S.: 181
  • Pret Catalog: 32800 Euro